Welcome to the world of Custom & Specialty Florida License Plates!

Are you looking to add a personal touch to your vehicle or support a cause close to your heart? You've come to the right place! Florida offers a wide range of custom Florida license plates and specialty plates to suit every driver's taste and interest.

Personalized License Plates in Florida

Make your vehicle stand out with a personalized license plate in Florida. Learn how much a custom license plate in Florida costs and the process to order one. Check the Florida personalized license plate availability and start the design process for your unique plate.

Specialty Plates

From the Florida Gator license plate to the Florida State Parks license plate, discover the wide variety of specialty plates Florida offers. Learn how your purchase can support charities, organizations, and causes you care about.

Veteran and Military Plates

Honor your service or a loved one's with a Veteran license plate in Florida. Find out more about the disabled Veteran license plate in Florida and other military-themed plates available.

Antique and Historic Plates

Own a piece of history with the Florida antique license plate. Learn the eligibility criteria and how to register for one.

Specialty Plate Ordering

Find out how to order a Florida specialty license plate online and what to expect from the process. Learn about potential wait times and delivery methods.

Checking Custom Plate Availability

Want to see if your dream Florida custom license plate is available? Use our Florida custom license plate check to find out instantly.

Explore the exciting world of Florida custom and specialty license plates today and make your vehicle a reflection of you!